Accents for Today

wool tapestries & pillows
alpaca dolls
cuzco & caxamarca style mirrors
painted & inlaid wood boxes
gourd animals
small clay animals


December 15, 1995, Juliana Miranda Flores organized women in her district into a group they named Barolina Sisa, after a local heroine. Her town, Pisacoma, is very high up in the mountains near the Bolivian border. It is an alpaca area, very inaccessible with a bus coming only once a week. This womens group works exclusively with the alpaca wool, knitting all sorts of clothing. There is also this adorable alpaca toy made with the fur of the alpaca.

an alpaca

10" x 8 1/2"h


The alpaca dolls made by a group called AAASIQUA, are hand knit using only natural, un-dyed wool. Some will be mostly brown, others gray, cream, beige. There is lots of detail such as the knit petticoat and tights not seen in photo. Divinely soft!  

10 1/2"