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  WEYA CRAFTS: Tin Animals, Trays and Mats, Fabric Applique' Wall Hangings
Weya refers to a particular style of folk art developed by artisans when Ms. Ilse Noy, who was part of the German Volunteer Service, launched a women's co-operative in 1984. The word, Weya, comes from the rural community of that name. The original co-operative no longer exists but the Weya style continues to be represented in a variety of crafts made by women and men.

Tin Animals
Some of the Weya tin animals are available natural as well as painted. The undecorated animals, which have a clear varnish, are really wonderful in their own way, with the emphasis on the very talented bending and shaping of the figures. Sizes depend on bulk as well as length. Large are approximately 8"-10", Medium are 6"-7". Crocodiles are 10"-11" long but considered small. Giraffes are 6"-7" tall but considered very small.

Making the tin animals

Weya tin animals crew

Margaret paints tin animals






sitting tigers





Trays and Mats
The trays and table mats fall into two subjects, village life and wild animals. The women artisans write whimsical descriptions of the scenes on paper and these are glued to the back. These items can be used and wiped clean with a damp cloth but, really, they are little works of folk art and can be hung or displayed as such.

tray 12 1/2" village scene  

tray 12 1/2" jungle scene

table mat 8" village scene

Fabric Applique' Wall Hangings
The fabric applique' wall hangings are made by village women living in the rural Weya area, far from any towns. They use small pieces of fabric and sometimes incorporate natural elements such as twigs. Each panel is a village scene described in writing on a scrap of paper which is folded and tucked into the wall hanging. There are 2 and 3 panel quilts as well as some larger ones. There are fabric loops for hanging. Each panel is about 9 1/2 inches square. These women also made the mermaid dolls.

3 panel story hanging

panel a

panel b

mermaid rag dolls

panel c