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Zimbabwe is renowned for its beautiful stone sculptures carved by the Shona people, one of the area’s largest ethnic groups. The first known stone carvings date back to the 15th century and are now in museums. Today’s more modern subjects evolved from the 1950s. Many artists have become famous, sign their sculptures, and are represented in top galleries around the world. The works come in all sizes and prices varying from modest to thousands of dollars.

You are looking at a selection of Shona carved stone pendants. These one of a kind pieces, traditional or abstract, are chiseled in different kinds of stone, such as serpentine, verdite, springstone, butter jade, cobalt, and rapako (soapstone). The stone is quarried locally, sculpted, heated in hot coals to bring out the colors and finally, polished by rubbing. Average size of pendant is 2˝”. Genuine leather 30” cords come in a variety of beautiful colors and are adjustable (fisherman’s knot).
polishing the stones

Shona sculptures

fruit serpentine

traditional subjects