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Gokwe is a region in the north central Midlands province. After the Binga area, it is the source most recognized for fine basketry. Natural plant dyes are used.

Sisal baskets with tops
4”-5” tall

Sisal baskets
11”-12” D, 2” deep, with sisal cord for hanging

reed winnowing basket
21" D

Batonga refers to the minority tribe living north of the Zambezi river in Zambia and south in Zimbabwe. These people are famous for their baskets, also called Binga baskets for the town of that name. They are made using the fronds of the Ilala palm ( Hyphaene Coriacea) and the Malala or Raphia palm. The Umnyi tree’ or Bird Plum (Berchemia discolor) is used for dying. The roots produce a black color, the wood brown, and the bark red.
Malala (raphia) palm
Ilala palm
flat winnowing baskets
small 12 ½” D avg
medium 15½” D avg
large 21” D