Accents for Today

  Accents for Today was started in 1997 as a wholesaler of handmade greeting cards. The selection grew as artists from different countries added their beautiful work. These ethnically diverse cards were enthusiastically received especially by museum shops so it was natural to expand into other cultural artifacts.

In 2002, I met two young women from Zimbabwe, Vickie and Maggie, who had come to New York to explore selling local crafts. Later Vickie, wrote, " From the time I left America to my country things are quite tough. There is no diesel or petrol ..... There is no transport to go to town and there is no money in the banks. There is no food and we are starving and it is difficult to do business because you can join in the bank queue for the whole day and you are only allowed to withdraw very little money which is soon worth nothing because of high inflation." Vickie left for England so I hooked up with Maggie. Zimbabwe is a broken but beautiful, fascinating country and the two of us travel all over discovering unique talent. I have spent wonderful times at Maggie's home with her husband and four children, getting to know the extended family and friends. And so, the website section on Zimbabwe grows and grows!

--Amanda Bosca

Museum Store Association member

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